It is with a heavy heart that I announce my leave from Neocities. We had a good run, I made some friends, some foes, and even met someone who became what I consider a friend. 2017 and 2018 were fun years of my life, but I have run into too many issues trying to develop my own website while cohereing to the static HTML system, and I have found that it is no longer worth it. I have found a solution to this but it means leaving Neocities. I shall keep going to Jackomix's Neocities Discord and will be moderately active there, something I have neglected doing as of recent. With the new host I've picked up(Infinityfree), I shall be able to provide much more content than ever would've been possible on Neocities. I hope to actively talk to you all soon.
My new website's domain is already up and running, and those who wish to visit it can do so by clicking this line of text.

Mariteaux. Where to fucking begin? After FIVE MONTHS the rant still somehow applies to him! That's AMAZING!

Oh I know! How about the fact that he has mentally abused me ever since he joined the Neocities Discord I was in. Day in and day out, almost no conversation was left unturned by him "jabbing" at me. Every fucking time, it was just a fucking "jab". Newsflash you fucking idiot, you cannot call everything a jab! You've become the boy that cries wolf! I cannot tell if you are just trying to troll me or are trying to mentally abuse me at this point, and trust me, he mentally abuses me. From politics(granted this one wasn't as important but this was the newest example) to even a serious mental health condidition, he just "jabs" me. You know what? I realize exactly why he calls it a jab. It's because "Oh I was just jabbing your edginess, don't get mad" sounds a lot fucking better than "Oh I was just mentally abusing you over a serious diagnosed health conidition, don't get mad". It's driving me into god damn mania! Every fucking day since they day he joined! Mental abuse, mental abuse and mental abuse! I blame him for finally pushing me off the edge and into depression, it was that bad. Granted, there was ONE day where he actually tried to be nice, and I wasn't in a good mood and thus I was a massive asshole, but you do not fucking mess with the German lastname. That is an insult on the highest degree to my ancestors. I think I would've preferred physical abuse over "von fuckstick". I'm fucking done with his shit, and I literally pushed an update out early to fucking say it. So, I leave you with two choices and myself with a single question. For you, an 88x31 button and a link to the Neocities discord I was in, and for me, whether it's finally worth it to end it all to escape the suffering. If he ever reads this, I bet you a hundred dollars that he will just scoff at it and say I'm overreacting or that he was just "jabbing" me and joking with me. I pushed a fucking update out early for this. That's when you know I'm fucking serious. I NEVER push updates out early.

ROUND TWO BECAUSE MARITEAUX COULDN'T LEARN THE FIRST TIME BABY! You... HOW THE FUCK did you mess up this badly!? FIRST THING upon joining Jack's Discord? "KYS". Alright, clasic Mari I thought to myself. No. He was worse. He not only pinged me multiple times upon my requests to stop being pinged because I was doing something time sensitive, insulted my website without giving my constructive critiscm, claimed his site was the fucking best compared to everyone else, and then later basically said he was the only redeeming factor of Neocities. Ya know what? I'm sick of this shit. GO FUCK YOURSELF. It's people like you who make my teachers worried for my mental health. And OH BOY, don't get me started on NEO. Neo is, without a doubt, the worst human I've ever known. Fuck both of you. I cannot put it any more bluntly. I want both of you dead. And I'd be glad to do it myself.

Mariteaux, if you are reading this, I hope you are fucking happy with yourself, you humanized piece of shit.

The Neocities Discord you should join.